Business Vidyapeeth Level 1:- MASTER ENTREPRENEUR

Mastering Business is the game of mastering own-self. We believe that Business is a reflection of who you are. Every Business Owner is Unique and hence his uniqueness is supposed to be expressed in his Business.

With limited batch strength, Master Entrepreneur training would be closely working on every participant ensuring that YOU receive a remarkable shift in every session and there is a definite practical growth in Your business.

Master Entrepreneur is NOT just a generic informative or knowledge enhancing workshop where only Industry examples will be shared. It will NOT be focusing on sharing or teaching what everybody from your industry is doing. As we said earlier, every business owner is Unique and hence his uniqueness is expressed in his business.


Every session of level 1, would be focused on transforming the different critical aspects of business and challenges that you face in the journey towards excellence and growing your business to Level Next. It will grow you holistically.


7 Skills of becoming a Master Entrepreneur
Ease in Business Operations
Clearing of your focal point
Become Implementation-Savvy
Eliminate duplication in business
Establishing 6 core beliefs for being a Master Entrepreneur
Discover your Uniqueness as per your Design
Eliminate fears and doubts – improve risk taking ability
Develop 2 main Habits of a Master Entrepreneur
Going beyond Excuses
Develop Achievers attitude

….which will all, in effect, help you MULTIPLY your business by at least 2 times in 90 days!


3 full day sessions- 9am to 6pm

6 half day sessions – 4 hours each (Weekly Once)

3 days personal transformation training (Life Vidyapeeth Level 1)

Fees – INR 1,00,000 (+ 18% GST)

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