Frequently Asked Questions

What is the training Methodology?

The trainings are full of activities, psychological games, meditations, group sessions, interaction sessions, along with use of sciences like Ontology.

Do you provide any books or study material?

No, the trainings we conduct are dynamic in nature. We don’t believe in workbook culture. However, we encourage the attendees to make notes during the workshop and also implementable actions as per specifically suggested by the trainer.

My business module is different than others, will these workshops help me?

Yes. The training workshops are designed to suit all types of Businesses.

What is the education qualification required for participating in the workshops?

No Specific education qualification is required for participating in the workshops

Which is the language in which the workshops are conducted?

Generally the workshops in India are conducted in Hindi and English.

What fees do I have to pay if I want to repeat the workshop I already attended?

You can repeat the workshop by paying the fees of repetition. Kindly contact us, to know the actuals.

I don’t have a Business of my own right now, but I wish to start up a new venture soon, am I eligible for the workshops for Entrepreneurs?

No. Sorry. But you can join our other workshops for personal transformation.

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