About Our Company

“As an Entrepreneur, doesn’t maximum of your time go in firefighting / problem solving / worrying / being stressed / day to day operations?”

Well, sadly the answer is YES!

Every Entrepreneur has his own journey from nothing to something or from something to something more.


In the same way, we World Human Development Centre, have gone through our journey as an Enterprise.


Being in the field of training and transformation since 2003 (for more than a decade), training thousands of Entrepreneurs, Individuals and Corporates like Reliance, Godrej, Donear, and more, all across the globe, we have evolved from a small organization to a global enterprise.


Just like YOU as an entrepreneur face difficulties, we have faced them too and know the pain YOU feel while in the journey


Just like YOU, we have faced many challenges like competition, best trained staff leaving the organization, market recession, technological advances and innovations, day to day firefighting, being unorganized, and also going through a roller coaster of feelings, fears, doubts and a hope of not letting our family and close ones down.

BUT something made us different.


Something stood us out from other ordinary enterprises.


Something made us constantly evolve and NEVER give up.


Something made our PASSION live and grow.


Something made us an Extra- Ordinary enterprise.


Something made this journey as exciting as getting to the next level, of an adventurous game.


And NOT a stressful, tiring and monotonous business routine.


And THAT something is that our driving force is not an ordinary “Businessman” but a powerful “Visionary”.


Our founder chairman, Mr. Latesh Shah, having done more than 40 different businesses in his Entire life, experienced many sky-height successes, even a few failures and created revolutionary business modules changing the entire market trends.


With his wisdom of training and transformation, and sheer experience of being in the world of Business, he laid the foundation of World Human Development Centre® with a simple yet powerful vision of giving back to the world- his skills of transforming an individual, in-depth wisdom and all the experiential learning in the course of his lifetime.

“I is U; U is Universe; Universe is Me”


-Latesh Shah

Having a vision of Transforming World through Love, Peace, Knowledge and Celebration, and knowing the importance of businesses being driven by a Visionary, we (World Human Development Centre ®) came up with BUSINESS VIDYAPEETH ® a training module focused on transforming Entrepreneurs to a Visionary, thereby creating a league of 10,000 Visionaries.


Our company knows that the challenges YOU are facing in business are very much REAL.


BUT you DO want to be different.


BUT you DO want to be standing out from your Competitors.


BUT you DO want to be Unstoppable.


BUT you DO want your PASSION live and grow.


BUT you DO want to create an Extra- Ordinary enterprise.


BUT you DO want this journey as exciting as an adventurous game.


BUT you DO want to be OUT from this stressful, tiring and monotonous business routine.


AND You DO want to take a step forward and become a Visionary!


Thus, our company BUSINESS VIDYAPEETH ® is designed in a way where all your current needs are met along with laying a strong foundation for the future and taking practical, proven steps to becoming a Visionary.


We believe every individual is Unique. So, Business Vidyapeeth is no same general theory given to all. We work on each individual’s personal design and transform them to reach full potential and reflect their Uniqueness in their Businesses.

YOU CAN join the league of VISIONARIES thereby contributing to the society and creating a Legacy that will live for generations to come!

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